Basic Cupcake Premix 基本蛋糕預拌粉

Basic Cupcake Premix 基本蛋糕預拌粉

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核桃蛋糕仔 Walnut Cupcakes

此產品含蔗糖,可做 3.8 厘米直徑蛋糕仔約12個。





This Basic Cupcake Premix is suitable for online class:

Walnut Cupcakes

This product contains cane sugar. One packet can make around 12 cupcakes of dia.3.8cm.

With this premix and the online cooking video, you can easily produce allergy-friendly mini cupcakes - gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free.

Note: This item is designed for students who enrolled in class. Recipe is NOT included on the packaging.

Weight: 274g