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Sorghum Flour 高粱粉 500g

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品牌: NutriAlley

非基因改造,無漂製,於一所無致敏源特別監控廠房生產,確保產品不含麩質及小麥 (<20ppm)



高粱是世界上第五大最重要的穀物作物。 早幾代之前在南美洲,高粱被用來生產糖蜜,名為高粱糖漿,用作烹飪甜味劑或像蜂蜜般加在餅乾和麵包上。 


- 天然無麩質

- 無經漂製

- 包含礦物如銅和鐵。 銅有助於增加鐵吸收和吸收到體內,有利於血液循環和紅細胞發育。

- 可能有助於控制膽固醇:高粱中的健康脂肪顯著降低「不良」(非HDL)膽固醇







成分: 高粱,沒有其他東西!

重量: 500克

來源地: 荷蘭



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Brand: NutriAlley

Naturally gluten-free, non- GMO, and produced without bleaching process in a dedicated free-from factory in The Netherlands. All flour are tested and monitored to ensure it does not contain any gluten and wheat (<20ppm).

Product Information:

Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal crop in the world. A few generations ago in South America, sorghum is used to produce molasses-like sorghum syrup and use as a sweetener in cooking or like honey (Reference: Huffington Post). 

Sorghum is an ancient grain that is: 

- naturally gluten free, produced in a dedicated free-from factory in The Netherlands

- no bleaching process

- contains minerals such as copper and Iron. Copper helps to increase the uptake and absorption of iron into the body, good for blood circulation and red blood cell development . (Reference: OrganicFacts

- may help manage cholesterol: healthy fats in sorghum significantly reduced “bad” (non-HDL) cholesterol (Reference: Journal of Nutrition. 2005 Sep;135(9):2236-40). 


Sorghum flour flavour characteristics:

Neutral, mild and sweet, with gently subtle flavour of wheat and corn. Great Substitute for wheat flour. 

Sorghum flour flavour affinities:

Butter, berries, pecans, peanuts, dates, digs, banana, warm spices (e.g. ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, aniseed, nutmeg) 


Ingredients: White sorghum, nothing added!

Weight: 500g

Origin: The Netherlands



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