Sugar-free Basic Cupcake Premix

Sugar-free Basic Cupcake Premix 零糖基本蛋糕預拌粉

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此產品是零糖,不含任何添加糖,使用源甜羅漢果代糖 (O'Tim Natural Monk Fruit Sweetener) 取替,使用優質羅漢果甜甙 (Monk fruit/ Luo Han Guo extract),配合赤蘚糖醇 (Erythritol) 和甜菊糖甙 (Glucosyl Steviol Glycosides)。非基因改造、絕無添加色素、香精及防腐劑,也沒有一般代糖的奇怪味道。

羅漢果代糖具有傳統砂糖甜味口感,同時擁有零糖、零卡路里、零脂肪、 零熱量、低GI值 18 (相對椰子糖平均為 35)、 有助穩定血糖及防止蛀牙的優點,美味又健康,適合關注血糖、 健康及體重人士使用。

此產品可做 3.8 厘米直徑蛋糕約12個。





This basic cupcake premix is suitable for online class:

Walnut Cupcakes:

This product contains no added sugar, replacing sugar with a natural sweetener - monk fruit.  

Its all natural and premium sweetness makes it to be an excellent alternative to ordinary sugar and perfectly fits into your daily use. Natural Monk Fruit Sweetener Classic contains ZERO sugar, ZERO calories, ZERO fat, low GI value 18 (compared to coconut sugar with average of 35) help you stay healthy and lean.

One packet can make around 12 mini-cupcakes of dia.3.8cm.

With this premix and the online cooking video, you can easily produce allergy-friendly cupcakes - gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free.

Note: This item is designed for students who enrolled in class. Recipe is NOT included on the packaging.

Weight: 247g