Organic Quinoa Flour 有機藜麥粉 (秘魯) 500g

Organic Quinoa Flour 有機藜麥粉 (秘魯) 500g

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品牌: NutriAlley


藜麥受聯合國糧食及農業組織認定為唯一的完美營養食品,宣布2013年為「國際藜麥年」。 藜麥是其中一種「古老糧食」,與蕎麥同屬於準穀物(假穀物)。藜麥是低升糖 53。


- 自然無麩質

- 無經漂製

- 含有完全蛋白(每100克含16.2克) 

- 含有人體所需的全部9種氨基酸





水果,堅果,香料(如肉桂,荳蔻,小茴香,芫荽),香草(迷迭香) 。 


成分: 有機藜麥

重量: 500克

來源地: 秘魯



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Brand: NutriAlley

Product Information:

FAO calls "perfect food" quinoa is the only vegetable that contains all the essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. The United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 as the 'International Year of Quinoa'

Quinoa(Chenopodium quinoa), known as an "ancient grain", is considered a seed (vegetable) but is eaten like a grain - belongs same family as buckwheat, "pseudo-cereal". Quinoa is low glycemic index 53 (source: The University of Sydney). 


Quinoa flour is: 

- naturally gluten free, produced in a dedicated free-from factory in The Netherlands

- no bleaching process

- contains complete protein (16.2g in 100g) 

- contains all nine of the essential amino acids, which cannot be made by the body (Reference: Huffington Post


Quinoa flour flavour characteristics:

Unique nutty and earthy flavour. 

Quinoa flour flavour affinities:

Fruits, nuts, spices (e.g. cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, coriander), herbs (rosemary) 


Ingredients: Organic quinoa

Weight: 500g

Origin: Peru



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