Gluten-free PIZZA Class - Share Happiness (GF, DF, EF) 無麩質薄餅班 - 分享快樂 (無麩質 無蛋奶)

With the happy experience last month on the allergy-friendly pizza class, we organize it this month again and just finished the first class!

As our standard, the recipe of pizza crust is gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free.


gluten free pizza

This one was baked as demo - our dinner! (yes we served salad and pizza as dinner during class ;) between the fermentation hour)

You can see the "cheese toppings" look different in shape on the left side and right side. Left side was with dairy-free cheese and right side was with conventional dairy mozzarella. Not only they looked different, taste was also different. The dairy-free cheese was still a good substitute for those who cannot take dairy or vegan. It is always fun to experiment different ingredients.

I am so happy to receive compliments from student on the texture - soft and like ordinary wheat-based pizza (and not like a cardboard). 


gluten free pizza


This time we matched the pizza with pizza boxes - so professional ha! This is ready to be delivered to your home!

gluten free pizza


They looked so cute.... also love the words on the box - share happiness - so align with our core values :)

pizza box



This Friday we will be switching to make chinese food - gluten-free dumplings!

Until next time on 29/4, we will have pizza class again! If you want to sign up, please click here.



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