“As One Cooking Academy” (“As One”) is the first online allergy-friendly cooking academy in the world, offering allergy-friendly cooking classes on the video. We will demonstrate how to make a delicious and enjoyable dish under the principle of 3 allergens-free i.e. gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free (many are also soy-free and nut-free). Our platform also provides an online shop with delivery service for ordering your ingredients.

The name “As One” carries the concept of “United” without distinction. We are One.


「一煮教室 As One Cooking Academy」(「一煮 As One」)是全球首個雲端無敏煮食平台,由國際無敏食品協會於2018年10月創立,提供無敏煮食教學影片,示範如何以沒有三大致敏源原則下煮出美味食品—無麩質﹑無雞蛋﹑無牛奶。大部分食譜也不含大豆和堅果。平台同時亦設立網上市集即買烘焙食材,配送住宅,讓你可安坐家中,無憂下廚

「一煮As One」名稱意解合一﹑共融。 

拉近 彼此距離

你我 合而為一


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Our mission is to spread the knowledge and understanding of allergy-friendly diet and provide the relevant solutions, bringing hope to the people on special diets and strengthening the family relationships through home cooking. We also encourage loving and helping each other and living in harmony.

With all humility forsaking self-righteousness, and gentleness maintaining self-control, with patience, bearing with one another in unselfish love.
(Ephesians 4:2 AMP)



凡事謙虛、溫柔、忍耐,用愛心互相寬容 (以弗所書4:2)